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Headhunting is similar to Profiling the candidates. Each and every organization has its own competitors and rivals in that particular industry. If one organization is looking for a profile in the FMCG Industry, the organization will surely look for the candidate in the same industry. ApexPlacement Consultancy is happy to help its clients with this.
Our professionals have experience in headhunting suitable candidates for the niche skills companies look for in a candidate. Our headhunters have contacts with several individuals from varied industries who work at different levels which help us service our clients to ensure their full satisfaction.

The Headhunting Process – How Apex Placement Consultancy searches the Candidates.
How We Work – 9 Step Headhunting Process:

The Job Description
We initiate the recruitment process by zeroing in on the exact job description and the candidate description from the client, which includes a detailed briefing meeting with the client outlining the company’s background, culture, structure, market standing, stability, growth and future plans.

We outline a recruitment strategy that is the most appropriate for the brief. Starting with making a Industry analysis to ending to the Organization maps from where the appropriate candidate can be headhunted.

Interviewing Potential Candidates
Whenever we headhunt candidates we personally interview those candidates who appear to be a close fit to the ideal profile. We use competency based interview technique, which is specifically prepared for each assignment. These interviews are conducted in a informal environment and each interview typically lasts for 2-2½ hours. During these interviews we carefully assess each candidate against the key criteria that have been specified in the brief. We pay utmost attention to the work exposure, capability,fitment to the job-candidate expectations, personality and cultural fit.

The Shortlist
After completing the interviews, we compile a shortlist of those candidates who we consider to be the right match to the client mandate. We prepare and present a comprehensive report on each of the shortlist candidates which includes a two page summary on the candidate candidates fitment to the job.

Client Interviews
We arrange for the client and candidate to meet each other in a formal/informal environment and we then communicate feedback from each party to the other.

Concluding The Assignment
We advise the client on preparing an offer communicate it to the chosen candidate. We act as an intermediary to negotiate a mutually acceptable settlement between both client and candidate.

We take up references from the candidate and submit a Reference Check Report to the client.

Candidate Counselling
We provide resignation, relocation and counter offer counselling in the form of pre-emptive written and verbal communication and support to the candidate, ensuring a high ratio of offer acceptance.

Life time Relationship
We believe that this starts a life time relationship between ApexPlacement Consultancy and the Candidate. We ensure that we stay in touch with the candidate for life. However we never offer an alternate job opportunity to a candidate from the organisation where we have once placed that candidate.